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Frequently Asked Questions

Adding the Scantron app to Canvas

Scantron Workflow

How to build a Quiz in Canvas to use with Scantron

Process Scantron into Canvas Gradebook

Process Scantron with discrete question sets

Mute and Unmute Assignments

Hide questions from students in Scantron results

View Quiz Statistics

Notes/Details about Scantron

  • Supported Canvas Quiz types:
    • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True/False questions can be graded automatically using Scantron.
    • Essay questions can be graded manually and have their scores added to the Scantron portion. Those are used when you have a written portion to your Scantron test.
    • Text (no question) allows you to insert text into the quiz such as question information that is not a part of any question or a block of text about the quiz.
  • Unsupported Canvas Quiz Question types: Fill In the Blank, Fill In Multiple Blanks, Multiple Dropdowns, Matching, Numerical Answer, Formula and File Upload Questions should not be used in conjunction with Scantron.

  • Features of Quiz you should not use in conjunction with Scantron:
    • Scramble answers – this would disrupt printed versions
    • Online time limit – not applicable to Scantron
  • At the time you Send the Results to Canvas for grading the assessment, the Scantron tool will do the following to the selected quiz:
    1. Insert an access code: This prevents the student from being able to access and take the quiz as an online quiz. You can share this access code if you offer the quiz electronically.
    2. Publish the quiz: This allows the Scantron tool to insert quiz responses for students as well as making the quiz visible for students. They cannot open it due to the access code.
    3. Mute the quiz: This will bar the student from seeing their score in the quiz until the instructor has a chance to review the score. The instructor can later unmute the quiz in the Gradebook to release the score to the students. For step-by-step instructions, view the How to Mute and Unmute guide.
  • You can regrade questions in Canvas after the processing of Scantron. For multiple-choice questions, Canvas allows you to change the correct answer and the options to:
    1. Award points for both the corrected answer as well as the previous correct answer
    2. Award points for only the corrected answer
    3. Give everyone full credit for the question.

    See the Canvas guide for more information on Regrading

  • Multiple Answer question type grades a bit differently than KSOL Classic did. This question type awards a fraction of the points available for each correct answer selection and subtracts an equivalent fraction for incorrect answer selection. For example, a question worth 1 point has 4 possible answers (a, b, c, d) of which 2 is correct (a, b). The available point of the question is divided by the number of possible correct answers, 2 in this case with each worth 0.50 points. If a student answers a, b, c. They will get 0.50 points each for their 2 correct answers (a, b) and get subtracted 0.50 point for the incorrectly selected c. Resulting in 0.50 points for that question. For more details, view the How do I create a Multiple Answers quiz question guide.

  • You can upload results files of late-takers or individuals who did not have their previous Scantron scan correctly at a later time as long as they do not already have an entry and a score for the quiz.

  • You can use the Differentiated Assignment feature of Quiz dates to offer accommodations to students who need to take it with a proctor or electronically. The Access Code used by the Scantron tool will be listed in the Quiz, and you can pass it along to unlock the assignment.

Scantron Help

Need help with Scantron?  Contact the IT Help Desk at 785-532-7722 or via email at helpdesk@ksu.edu.