How to build a Quiz in K-State Online to use with Scantron

Scantron in K-State Online needs a Quiz to be the answer key in order to have a key to process student response against. The quiz in K-State Online can include the actual questions or just be Q1-Qx so that your questions are not even included in K-State Online and you can control them on paper in the classroom. Once you have a Quiz in K-State Online as an answer key, your Scantron cards response file will be graded against this, and the K-State Online quiz options are how you will control the release of student response, see your analytics, correct mistakes, and make exceptions. There are several ways you can get an answer key/quiz created in K-State Online. Once the quiz is created to be an answer key, youuse the Scantron tool to set it up and it can be used for your Scantron assessment.

  • You already have electronic or paper copies of a Scantron you want to use
  • You have not yet made your Scantron
      1. If you already have electronic or paper copies of the Scantron assessment you want to use then you will use those to create the Answer Key in K-State Online. You will setup a simple answer key in Excel, convert it into a format to import into K-State Online and then import it in to automatically create the Quiz that is the answer key you will use with Scantron.
          1. Create a new file in Excel or a text editor that looks like this example. Download this CSV file and open in Excel. The file can have as many questions as you want, this example has 30 and has two different question types, described below. Once you have made your changes, save it as a CSV file type. If you are on a Mac, save it as a Windows Comma Separated (.csv) format.
                1. Column A is the type of question: MC (multiple choice) and MR (multiple response) are used in this example.
                2. Column B is not used but must be there.
                3. Column C is the point value of the question. It can be between 0-100 and up to two decimal places (3.33)
                4. Column D is question body. Q1 or similar if you don’t want to include the real question and have students see the questions online.
                5. Column E is the correct answer. The number 1-5 each correspond to the one of the possible answers listed in column F-J. In the example file, we use 1 to indicate a, 2 to indicate b, 3 to indicate c, 4 to indicate d, and 5 to indicate. For True/False questions, use 1 for True and 0 for False.
                6. Columns F-J are the possible answer choices. You can have 2 or more. Since K-State’s Scantron forms are limited to 5, usually you do not need to go past it.
          2. Save this file as a CSV (comma separated value) file with the .csv extension. If you are on a Mac, save it as a Windows Comma Separated (.csv) format.

          3. Use the QTI converter tool to convert your CSV file into a QTI file. Save the QTI file to your computer.

          4. Go to K-State Online > the course you want the questions in > course Settings and then click Import Content into this Course. Select QTI zip file as the type and then browse and import the zip file. It will be converted to a Quiz.

          5. Go to Quizzes in the course and click the quiz(zes) that was imported, click Edit on the top right and then click Save on the bottom right. On the following page make sure the imported quiz has the correct Points available. The quiz will be available for you to use with the Scantron tool in the next steps.

      2. If you have not yet made your Scantron then you can create one Quiz in K-State Online and the Scantron tool can automatically use it to create multiple versions for you, it can print to PDF to allow you to modify the documents before you print to include any font or layout changes, instructions or cover sheets you need, and the quiz will be the place you edit the options release the responses and/or correct answers to students and where you will see the item and student analysis and quiz stats and will allow for electronic exceptions as needed.
        1. You can write your questions directly in K-State Online to create a new. For step-by-step instructions, view the How do I create a Quiz with individual Questions guide. If you have questions in an outside document, you will be able to copy and paste your questions into the Quiz.

        2. Convert a Word file into a format that can be imported into K-State Online. If you have existing Word docs you use for Scantron quizzes, we can convert and import those into K-State Online. K-State has copies of Respondus, software that converts a variety of documents like Word or plain text files into QTI format so they can be imported into K-State Online. Contact Scott Finkeldei via email at for assistance in importing questions into K-State Online.

        3. Create a quiz by using existing questions in your K-State Online Question Bank to create a quiz from questions you already have in K-State Online. For step-by-step instructions, view the How do I create a Quiz with a Question Group linked to a Question Bank guide. Note: You cannot use the Question Groups to create and pull in random questions from the pool in that Question Group. This feature is not support by Scantron. You must use Scantron to randomize and manage the questions.

        4. Create a quiz by making a simple CSV file, converting and importing it. This is the choice you want if you still need to create ‘just Answer Keys’ in K-State Online, and have a specific need to not ‘author’ the full question but just let students see a ‘simple’ answer key online similar to the only option that Classic offered. See option 1 'If you already have electronic or paper copies of the Scantron' above for info on how to create the quiz this way.

Note: Even if you want multiple versions, you just need to create one Quiz/Answer Key. Scantron will manage the versions for you. This can be Q1-Q100 or the actual questions depending if you want your questions to be online and in the student results or if you would rather protect them by having them on paper only that you control in the classroom. If you need to have specific question groups or question order or want specific answer keys for each version then you will select the ‘Each version has specific answer keys’.

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