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About Scantron

Scantron leverages the Quiz feature of Canvas to allow us to gain the powerful tools and options (and automatically any new features or changes Canvas rolls out) of Quizzes. These features include the release of the student’s individual responses and optionally the answer key, the item analysis and individual student analysis reports, the ability to reuse all or parts of quizzes in future courses, and the ability to offer the assessment electronically to accommodate students.

Current state of Scantron in Canvas - Explanation of the previous versions of Scantron and their state

K-State has maintained its version of Scantron tools for over 20 years.

Version 0: Before Canvas, there was Homework Helper that provided Scantron support.
No longer in use

Version 1: Classic (Axio) has Scantron version 1, and it has the full feature set: multiple versions, resolving mismatches, processing results, returning student’s responses, and analytics on the assessment.
Retired: Spring 2016

Version 2: For the move to Canvas, we built a simple converter tool that lives outside of Canvas, and that formats the file from our Scantron machines into a file that can be manually imported into Canvas. This does not support multiple versions, resolving mismatches, returning student’s responses or analytics but does convert the files from the Scantron machines into a file that can be imported into the Canvas Gradebook (URL: https://canconvert.ksucloud.net/scantron)
Retired: May 2016

Scantron version 2.5: In Canvas, we built a Scantron tool that supports resolving mismatches and card issues and automatically processed the files from the Scantron machine and uploads the results to the Canvas Grades. This tool still did not support multiple versions, returning student’s response, or any analytics.
Retired: January 2016

Scantron version 3: For Jan 2016, Canvas has an updated version of the Scantron tool that supports the full feature set: multiple versions, resolving mismatches, processing results, returning student’s responses and analytics on the assessment. Because it uses the Canvas Quizzes tool, the creation of Scantrons start with the Quiz tool, and you manage the student results and analytics in Quizzes too. Only the versioning, optional printing, uploading and processing the results file and handling mismatches happen in the Scantron tool. This means that instructors can use the familiar Quiz tools and options and see the analytics in the same form and experience as the rest of Canvas assessments.
This is the current version.