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Using Accessible Webpages

Checking a website for accessibility

Look for:

  • Blinking animations that cannot be turned off
  • Low color contrast between text and background
  • Low readability of text when magnified
  • Images of text instead of real text
  • Non-descriptive links or full web addresses
  • Visual wording or using color to indicate instructions
  • Lack of detailed descriptions of complex images or charts
  • Features that are inaccessible using keyboard navigation only
  • Videos without captions
  • Podcasts without transcripts
  • Interactive elements that are timed or require a mouse

Self-paced Access MOOC from SUNY Cc-by-nc-sa_icon.png


Make sure you are aware of the accessibility settings in your web editing tool.  The following sites will help you test accessible webpages:

What to do if your resource website is not accessible

If the resource that you would like to use has more than 25 errors, it will be necessary to determine if this is the best resource to use.

  • If there is a more accessible alternative, use that alternative source
  • Create a Word file of the content and include this on your Canvas page as the accessible alternative, leaving the original link to comply with copyright
  • If you have further questions about making a resource available to a student with specific accommodations, reach out to the Student Access Center for help