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Information Technology Usage Policy

The Kansas State University Policies and Procedures Manual was created by the university administration and various campus offices to provide a guide to the university policies and procedures. This manual is not available in a printed format as it is continually being updated. The following policies apply to Canvas. 

.010 Preface

.020 Background and Purpose

.030 Appropriate Use

.040 Confidentiality and Privacy

.050 Examples of Prohibited Use

.060 Responsible Use of Library-provided Electronic Content

.070 Reporting Violations

.080 Sanctions

.090 Questions

K-State eID Policy

The K-State eID is the electronic identifier that when used in conjunction with a password enables authorized access to centrally-managed University IT resources. This policy defines the requirements for the eligibility, creation, usage, maintenance, and duration of the eID.

.010 Purpose

.020 Scope

.030 Effective Date

.050 Policy

.060 Definitions

.070 Roles and Responsibilities

.080 Implementing Procedures

.090 Related Laws, Regulations, or Policies

.100 Questions/Waivers