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New Gradebook

On Mon., Aug. 19, the New Gradebook was activated in Canvas. Unfortunately, Canvas bugs have been discovered that do not allow the Copy Grades to KSIS or Scantron tools to work optimally with the New Gradebook. The decision has been made to return to the previous Gradebook until those bugs have been fixed. All courses in Canvas for fall 2019 were reverted to the Old Gradebook on Thurs., Aug. 22.

If you did not manually turn on the New Gradebook or setup up a Late Grades Policy or Missing Assignment Policy yourself, you do not need to do anything. Your courses have been switched back to the Old Gradebook, and the Old Gradebook will function as it has in previous semesters.

What should I do if I've already set up the New Gradebook?

A small group of instructors turned on the New Gradebook manually before Aug. 19. Those instructors are asked to contact the IT Help Desk 785-532-7722, and a Canvas expert will work with the instructors to update their courses.

Why do I still have the ability to turn on the New Gradebook?

In Canvas, you can still manually turn on the New Gradebook. Information Technology Services (ITS) strongly recommends that you do not turn on the New Gradebook, mainly if you use the Copy Grades to KSIS and Scantron tools. As of now, the Canvas bugs are still not allowing these tools to work correctly. ITS is working with Canvas to resolve these issues.

ITS continues to work with Canvas to fix these bugs and plans to have these issues resolved so the New Gradebook can be used during the spring 2020 semester.

New Feature Highlights

  • Grade Post Policies — The New Gradebook includes a grade posting policy, which sets how grades and comments are released to students. This change redefines assignment-wide muting to an individual assignment level, making grades visible down to individual sections of a course, or hide previously posted grades if needed. The Mute functionality has been replaced with the Manual Grade Posting Policy.
  • Grade detail tray: The grade detail tray displays a grading summary by assignment and student. Just as in SpeedGrader, an instructor can click the next and previous links at the top of the tray to advance to another student or assignment.
  • Late and missing submission policies: Instructors can set grading rules.
    • Automatically apply a grading rule too late and missing submissions
    • Manually adjust submission status to none, late, missing, or excused
    • Enable late or missing policies in the Gradebook Settings menu
  • More filtering and sorting options: Instructors can choose to order the columns by assignment names, due dates, points, or modules. You can also filter for a particular assignment group or module.
  • Crosshairs: The New Gradebook offers crosshairs and highlighting for improved orientation. Additionally, each row includes alternating colors to help with navigation.
  • Submission status color coding: Instructors can customize the color associated with a Gradebook Status: late, missing, resubmitted, dropped, or excused.

Old vs. New Gradebook

New Gradebook features
FunctionalityOld GradebookNew GradebookNew Gradebook Guide
Late Policies (missing work)N/AAutomatically apply grade (zero) for missing submissions.

How do I apply a Missing Submission policy in the New Gradebook?

Late Policies: Instructor FAQ

Late Policy (late work) N/ADeduct specified percentage for each X day late.

How do I apply a Late Submission policy in the New Gradebook?

Late Policies: Instructor FAQ

Extra functionality added to current Gradebook features
FunctionalityOld GradebookNew GradebookNew Gradebook Guide
Arrange columns by…Arrange by assignment group (Assignment page order), due date (newest to oldest), or points (lowest to highest).Arrange by Default (Assignment Group), Assignment name (alphabetic), Due date (oldest to newest, or newest to oldest), Points (lowest to highest or highest to lowest), Module (first to last or last to first). How do I arrange columns in the New Gradebook? 
Filters columns by…Filters columns by Section.Filters columns by Assignment Group, Modules, and/or Section.How do I filter columns by type in the New Gradebook? 
Sort assignment grades by…Sort by grade (high to low, low to high). Sort by grade (high to low, low to high), Missing, Late. How do I sort an individual assignment column in the New Gradebook?
Icons and Colors Icons and colors used to provide information about assignments and submissions.Various new or updated icons and verbiage added to help Instructors better understand their gradebook. How do I use the icons and colors in the New Gradebook?
Functionality is the same, just moved location or changed icon
FunctionalityOld GradebookNew GradebookNew Gradebook Guide
Enter GradesEnter grades for students directly in the Gradebook.Overall this is the same, but the interface and access to certain features are slightly different.

How do I enter and edit grades in the New Gradebook?

Provide or view CommentsProvide or view comments on an assignment for a student from the Gradebook.Click to enter a grade for an assignment and then select the Grade Detail Tray icon (on the right). This will pop up the Grade detail window where you can select Speedgrader.

How do I leave comments for students in the New Gradebook?

Message Students WhoFor an assignment message, all students who: Haven’t submitted yet, haven’t been graded, scored less than, scored more than.Mouse over the name of an assignment and click on the three vertical dots that come up and select “Message Students Who.”

How do I send a message to students from the New Gradebook?

View individual student’s Grades pageView all grades for one student. This is a similar view of how students view their grades.Click on the name of a student from the Gradebook. Or, on the “Grade Detail Tray” click on the Student’s name.How do I view a student's Grades page in a course from the New Gradebook?
Move & Sort Total ColumnMove Total course grade column to the front of Gradebook. Sort from lowest to highest or highest to lowest.Mouse over “Total” and click on the three vertical dots that come up and make desired change. How do I use assignment groups and the Total column in the New Gradebook?
Gradebook HistoryGear icon and select “View Gradebook History.”Location of the option has moved to under the “Gradebook” link.How do I view the history of all grading changes in the New Gradebook?
View concluded (dropped) and inactive student informationView the grades of students who are concluded (dropped) or inactive in your course. Location of the option has moved. Hover over “Student Name,” click on the three vertical dots that come up and then select “Concluded enrollments.”How do I view grades for inactive or concluded student enrollments in the New Gradebook?
Mute AssignmentTemporarily hide grades and feedback on an individual assignment.Mouse over the name of an assignment and click on the three vertical dots that come up and select “Mute Assignment.”How do I mute or unmute an assignment in the New Gradebook?
Import/Export Course GradesImport grades into the Canvas Gradebook or Export the Gradebook in CSV format (Excel).Location of the option has moved to under the “Actions” link.

How do I import grades in the New Gradebook?

How do I export grades in the New Gradebook?


Need help with the New Gradebook? Learn about the features by viewing the New Gradebook guides.

Helpful guides to keep in mind include:

New Gradebook training will be available in fall 2019.